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Bendix King GPH5102XP

Bendix King GPH5102XP Portable Two Way Radio Series 

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Bendix King GPH5102XP Portable Two Way Radio Series

High-performance analog today - upgrade to APCO P25 digital tomorrow. All the radio you’ll ever need.

  • 400 channels, 25 user groups, 16 channels per group
  • 136 - 174 MHz frequency range
  • 5/2 watts RF power output
  • Keypad programmable in the field, programmable soft switches and options, keypad programming lockouts
  • Rock-solid reliability – meets tough MIL-STD 810 and approved by the U.S. Forest Service
  • Flex-Mode™ per-channel narrowband/wideband channel spacing – 12.5/15 kHz and 25/30 kHz
  • Channel and priority (dual priority) scan, talkback scan
  • Nuisance channel delete
  • Software upgradable to digital, allowing lowercost migration from analog to full digital APCO P25 capabilities
  • Easy to use, easy to program and customize
  • Exceptional audio quality and clarity
  • Weatherproof design
  • Longer life between battery charges/changes – over 18 hours with new high-capacity lithium-ion battery
  • Cloning technology transfers information to/from other BK Radio portables, with accept/decline cloning per group
  • Enhanced user-selectable per-channel code guard for finding the best path without changing channels
  • FLASH technology enables future enhancements via software instead of hardware changes

The BK Radio G Series portables from RELM Wireless combine proven rock-solid reliability with extreme versatility and ease of use. Each radio can be customized to provide a range of functions to meet your specific situation and requirements.

You can upgrade the GPH Plus portable to full digital capability that meets APCO P25 specifications and requirements – including interoperability – and at a lower cost than buying a new digital portable. And you can do it in the field via a new FLASH utility upgrade.

Its superior design means that functions and features are software-driven, creating inherent efficiencies that result in significant cost savings without compromising or sacrificing quality, performance, reliability, or durability even under the most demanding public safety conditions.

Programming is focused on the practical needs and requirements of the radio user. Despite a wide variety of individual options, the BK Radio GPH Plus portable is always easy to use – a critically important factor in emergency situations. As a result of advanced engineering techniques, G Series radios have lower current drain than other portables, which means significantly longer battery life between battery charges or changes. And with the new high-capacity lithium-ion battery, service cycles are extended to more than 18 hours.

The G Series radio also has the ability to clone group information to or from other BK Radio portables, including DPH, GPH, EPH and LPH.

Additional economies are realized by using the accessories you already have for other BK Radio units such as antennas, microphones, batteries, cloning and programming cables, and carrying cases.


  • Tone Code Guard (CTCSS)
  • Digital Code Guard (CDCSS)
  • User Selectable Code Guard
  • Transmit Time-Out Timer
  • Frequency Display
  • User Selectable Scan
  • Dual Priority Scan
  • TalkBack Scan
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Busy Channel Indicator
  • DTMF Encode
  • Programmable Soft Switches


  • Upgrade to APCO P25 Flash Utility

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